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Your email is not secure in the cloud

Just another example how your cloud email is not safe. In this instance, Gmail made the mistake of allowing emails to be accidentally deleted or reported as spam.   For such a major cloud email provider like Gmail, you would imagine this to be impossible. The only comforting fact is that they came clean on […]

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Videos to get you started

Videos are the simplest and the easiest ways to learn about any new software or service. At Dropmyemail, we too believe the same. That is why our team works at creating short and simple videos to get you started. We have created a series of videos to help you sign up and familiarize yourself with […]

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Another reason why you should backup your email and cloud data

LinkedIn is not doing a good job in keep its users safe and information confidential. Other recent failures by “trusted” Internet companies means users have to do more to safeguard their online information. It has just been confirmed that 6.5 million LinkedIn users’ passwords have been compromised from hacking. Earlier, it is revealed that LinkedIn’s […]

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CEO of Dropmyemail to speak on the Scaling strategy of huge data of Email Backups at Echelon 2012

Dropmyemail’s CEO and founder, John Fearon, will be an authority on rapid scaling of startups at Echelon 2012. After all, his email backup cloud service added 630,000 users within 50 days, growing faster than Twitter, Pinterest and Fab.com at a similar stage. Echelon 2012 is Asia’s leading startup event and will focus on enabling all […]

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Email Backup – It is important, yet so difficult

Emails are fast becoming the most used form of communication in the world. There are over 3.4 billion email addresses worldwide sending out 29.4 billion legitimate emails daily. With 540 email accounts getting hacked yearly and 62% of users unaware of being compromised, the need to back up and to migrate email is imperative. With […]

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Email migrations are no cakewalk

Career Switch, Graduation, Hosting failure – these are typical situations that everyone would face and will need to migrate emails. Yet, despite how common these scenarios play out in everyone’s life, there isn’t a simple way to move emails from one place to another. Recently, Dropmyemail launched their email back up and migration service, which […]

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Overlooked between Convocation and Career: Emails

Congratulations on your impending graduation! Your life as a carefree student comes to an end and the looming work life beckons. As you start moving out of the dorms, tidying up your resume, planning your first career move, and partying really hard for one last time – you might have overlooked something critical – backing […]

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