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Tips To Keep Off (and Stay Off) Email Blacklists

In an ideal world the only email¬†marketers that would end up on email¬†blacklists would be spammers; unfortunately, as careful and well-intended as you might be, you can still end up getting blacklisted. According to Return Path, a surprising 20% of businesses in the U.S. have been blacklisted. These are “white hat” email marketers who are […]

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5 Ways Business Continuity Adds Value to Strategic Planning

As you plan the path forward for your organization, business continuity should be considered throughout the process so that there is less chance of unexpected events sabotaging your gameplan and leaving you sidelined. 85% of business continuity programs changing The relationship between business continuity & strategic planning Mission statement & goal development Environmental assessment Strategy […]

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Bad news shouldn’t be delivered through Email

Email is still the undisputed biggest communication medium in the world. People depends on email for personal and business purposes to the tune of 294 billion (and growing) emails a year. With the ease of use of computers and now mobile, communications can be done with a few clicks/keystrokes. What happens when email is misused […]

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