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Email will not stay the same, anymore

As 2013 fades away, 2014 may be the year where email emerges to be revolutionized. After all the cool technology that has popped up in recent years (i.e. wearable tech, social media, etc), email is an omnipresent technology that hasn’t changed since the days of Hotmail. This makes email ripe for change. Recall, if you […]

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Email messages are still valuable to organisations – if managed right

The value of email is accepted but then generally ignored. Email systems are one of the core business systems in use across the business world. Significant evidence of corporate decision making is likely to be captured in email messages, and messages are therefore likely to have ongoing value to organisations (both to support current business […]

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Major Japanese cloud hosting provider, GMO Cloud signs multi-faceted partnership deal with Dropmyemail

For immediate release, Singapore, Jan 15th 2013 – GMO Cloud K.K. (GMO Cloud), part of Japan’s leading all-in Internet services conglomerate, GMO Internet Group, has just inked an extensive partnership with Dropmyemail that will expand the presence of the email backup cloud solution in Japan. This strategic alliance will see GMO Cloud invest capital in […]

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Partner up with Dropmyemail through affiliate marketing

Want to be part of Dropmyemail – the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud? Besides just signing up to back up email, almost everyone can now be a partner through affiliate marketing. The development is brought by the heavy demand of various websites to resell Dropmyemail’s services. Initially, it was a distraction to […]

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Dropmyemail 2012 review: Irrational optimism

I was asked recently in a shareholder meeting how we are able to survive and thrive. Some investors joked that it was irrational optimism. Yet, sometimes the truth is said in jest and I believe it is one of the fundamental traits for success in any field. This concept of irrational optimism is a great […]

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New product launch: Dropmyemail Business – for SMEs to comprehensively manage corporate emails

For immediate release, Singapore, November 21st 2012 – Dropmyemail’s latest release, Dropmyemail Business, will target SMEs to allow full control and backup of its corporate email accounts. Launch Announcement by CEO and Founder, John Fearon: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG9v-qme39Q&feature=youtu.be] Dropmyemail Business will be for companies with the need for solutions for commonplace email security worries. Disgruntled employees deleting […]

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How much are your email inboxes worth?

Emails are the official electronic communication tools of the Internet age. Yet its importance seems to be overshadowed by the more trendy social media in Facebook, Twitter and others.  Hence, it is necessary to determine your email inboxes’ worth, which points out the need for safe email backup.   Emails are the most unassuming but […]

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Dropmyemail now available in Hindi to India’s 1 billion population to continue rapid growth

For immediate release-4th Sept ‘2012–Mumbai– Dropmyemail, Asia’s fastest growing startup, is set to grow even further with the site now available in Hindi. Along with a sleek new website, this is great news for Indian users seeking to join the most comprehensive email back up solution in the cloud. Currently, the service is translated into […]

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