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Forget Clinton: State Department Hack is Unprecedented (Now About Clinton…)

The focus on Hillary Clinton’s private server loses sight of a bigger problem: Russian cybercriminals have their fingers in the American pie. The scandal over Hillary Clinton’s emails should bother Americans for more reasons than one. Sure, it’s weird that Clinton was keeping her emails on her own designated website, aptly named ClintonEmail.com (and not […]

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Videos to get you started

Videos are the simplest and the easiest ways to learn about any new software or service. At Dropmyemail, we too believe the same. That is why our team works at creating short and simple videos to get you started. We have created a series of videos to help you sign up and familiarize yourself with […]

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Dropmyemail 2012 review: Irrational optimism

I was asked recently in a shareholder meeting how we are able to survive and thrive. Some investors joked that it was irrational optimism. Yet, sometimes the truth is said in jest and I believe it is one of the fundamental traits for success in any field. This concept of irrational optimism is a great […]

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Email is interesting and irritating

Email is ubiquitous in its volume of users and mails sent – yet, despite its great use, it comes at a great irritation.   A recent study shows that there are an estimated 3.3 billion email users in the world as almost everyone on the Internet has at least one email account. A person can […]

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Dropmyemail’s new “File Manager” function to further improve user’s email and file sharing experience

For immediate release, Singapore, August 24th 2012 – Dropmyemail adds “File Manager” to incorporate file sharing through uploading of files and command of email attachments. With this, on top of being the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud, Dropmyemail provides more ways to control your emails and file sharing. “File Manager” will have […]

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Growth of web-based email and its perils

Web-based emails account for 1/3 of all email accounts and growing. While it is free, easy to use and accessible but is it causing more problems as well? Pop Quiz – off the top of your head – “Name the top 4 web-based email services”. Most people will be able to rattle off a couple […]

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Dropmyemail opens an office in the “Telecommunication Corridor” of the US, to expand on partnerships and sales in N. America

Dropmyemail, the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud, is taking the next step to increase its presence in North America by opening a sales and business development office in Dallas, Texas.   In the 5 short months since the launch at DEMO Asia ’12, Singapore-based Dropmyemail has achieved plenty in winning numerous accolades […]

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One major problem with email: searching attachments

Email attachments are a paradox – it is the most convenient way to share and store files but also the biggest waster of precious time and effort. The average person working a corporate job receives about 150 emails daily, and sends out about 30 to 50. Regardless whether it seems high or low for you […]

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Dropmyemail launches “Attachment Manager” productivity tool to revolutionize user’s email experience and increase virality

Dropmyemail presents its newest productivity tool, “Attachment Manager”, that allows users to share attachment effortlessly and lets users interact with their email like never before. With this, the most comprehensive email back up solution in the cloud, Dropmyemail, now provides more ways to organize your emails and email attachment better. Existing users have provided feedback that handling […]

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