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Tips To Keep Off (and Stay Off) Email Blacklists

In an ideal world the only email marketers that would end up on email blacklists would be spammers; unfortunately, as careful and well-intended as you might be, you can still end up getting blacklisted. According to Return Path, a surprising 20% of businesses in the U.S. have been blacklisted. These are “white hat” email marketers who are […]

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5 Ways Business Continuity Adds Value to Strategic Planning

As you plan the path forward for your organization, business continuity should be considered throughout the process so that there is less chance of unexpected events sabotaging your gameplan and leaving you sidelined. 85% of business continuity programs changing The relationship between business continuity & strategic planning Mission statement & goal development Environmental assessment Strategy […]

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Is LinkedIn an Email Hacker’s BFF?

This article on +CIO by Information Security professional Trevor Christiansen explains how easy it is for a #hacker to build an employee #email list, simply by searching for an organization on #LinkedIn, that he/she can then target with a #phishing #scheme to access usernames and #passwords. This information can then be used to breach the #network and […]

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Dropmyemail Archive APS Package approved and published on APS Standard

Your favorite email archiving solution is now available for all Parallel Automation users on APS Standard Catalogue.  This release allows service providers and hosters the opportunity to easily sell and customers to seamlessly buy and use the service. Dropmyemail is an award winning email backup solution. It launched its email archiving solution in mid 2014. […]

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Massive Adoption of Cloud Services Is Now (Parallels Summit ’14 New Orleans)

It was the first time DropMySite exhibited at the Parallels Summit, which took place in the Crescent City this year.  As the leading enabler of cloud services, you would expect Parallels to be singing the cloud’s praises, but there was something in the air as if the folks at Parallels knew something the rest of […]

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Dropmyemail new feature: Mass/Selective Migrate and Restore emails with One Click

Dropmyemail is proud to announce a new feature to improve the process of email backups for our users:  Mass/Selective Migrate and Restore emails with One Click   If you or your company is looking for a way to switch email providers and keep your precious emails, our mail migrate feature will do just that.   Migrate […]

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Dropmyemail values your privacy

In light of recent revelations about NSA’s incessant and indiscriminate screening of everybody’s emails – we at Dropmyemail would like to reassure you of the safety and complete privacy of your emails. You can read the fine print here at Dropmyemail Privacy Policy We will summarize the details in 3 points: 1. We follow the best […]

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Email Backup vs Email Archiving – same difference?

There are plenty of people who have been arguing over the true definition of what “backing up ” is and what “archiving” is. Some say that “backing up” is merely short-term reprieve and “archiving” is the only long-term solution. Others say that “backing up” does not satisfy legal compliance while “archiving” is for storing only obsolete […]

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