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Value proposition for Dropmyemail to Businesses

Dropmyemail is undoubtedly the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud. Besides winning awards for its elegance in keeping emails safe and being featured on various mainstream media, its popularity with 700k users (and growing)  is simply down to solving the problems for every mailbox. On top of individual users, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) large MNCs are […]

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Blogging etiquette for Corporate blogs

1. Images You Can Use on Your Blog To use an image on your blog without violating any copyright laws, you need permission. The most common copyright licenses you need to understand are: i. Rights-managed copyright licenses ii. Royalty-free copyrighted images (often referred to as stock images) iii. Creative Commons (creativecommons.org) 2. Don’t hotlink images.  Hotlinking is when you are […]

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Back up your email in the name of the law

After the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP) were passed in December of 2006, every communication must be stored. The data must be produced when legally required and thus it must be archived, because that’s the law. This rule includes emails, communications, files, directives and requests that may be relevant to a current or […]

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New product launch: Dropmyemail Business – for SMEs to comprehensively manage corporate emails

For immediate release, Singapore, November 21st 2012 – Dropmyemail’s latest release, Dropmyemail Business, will target SMEs to allow full control and backup of its corporate email accounts. Launch Announcement by CEO and Founder, John Fearon: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG9v-qme39Q&feature=youtu.be] Dropmyemail Business will be for companies with the need for solutions for commonplace email security worries. Disgruntled employees deleting […]

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