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Forget Clinton: State Department Hack is Unprecedented (Now About Clinton…)

The focus on Hillary Clinton’s private server loses sight of a bigger problem: Russian cybercriminals have their fingers in the American pie. The scandal over Hillary Clinton’s emails should bother Americans for more reasons than one. Sure, it’s weird that Clinton was keeping her emails on her own designated website, aptly named ClintonEmail.com (and not […]

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SaaS email archiving helps you meet compliance challenges

There are numerous industries with regulatory compliance requirements for data. But one industry that stands above the rest in sheer numbers is health care. In the US, health care now costs $8,233 per year per person, a whopping 17.7 percent of our GDP. The Wall Street Journal shows Health Care as the industry that dominates all others in […]

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Email archiving is now compulsory – how are you going to archive?

Email is the dominant digital communication method; with over 140 billion emails sent daily. These emails contain vital business data, such as project updates, customer communication, product research and development updates, management directives and much, much more. With the rise of email accounts worldwide, and corporate email accounts growing steadily, capturing and storing that content […]

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