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How to Recover When Hackers Invade Your Email

Hacking is everywhere in the news these days, and for good reason: it is becoming a bigger problem. Just ask Anthem, the United States’ second-largest health insurer. Anthem announced in February that it had suffered a major breach. Although no electronic medical records were compromised, sensitive user information was: names, addresses, and Social Security numbers. […]

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DME takes a new look with a new email archive product

Your favorite email backup / archiving solution Dropmyemail has completely revamped their website www.dropmyemail.com in order to consolidate personal and business solutions and include partnership plans. Dropmyemail has recently introduced a new archiving product DME Archiver especially designed for small and medium business. The website also highlights the partnership programs through which hosting companies and […]

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Emails’ Murphy Law doesn’t always need to be feared. But Email Backup is a must.

With unlimited things to do on the Internet, the most popular thing to do for almost all Internet users is to check their emails. With tsunamis of emails traded back and forth across the ocean that is the Internet, how much of that is secured? For something so routine and mundane as checking emails, one […]

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Email backup as one of the 5 ways to achieve complete email cloud security

Storing emails in the cloud is secure, simple, keeps you productive and saves you money. Until it fails, that is. As the whole world starts getting online and on emails, keeping everyone connected is now much easier. However, emails in the cloud are not fail proof. Here is a guide that will lead you safely […]

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