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Tips To Keep Off (and Stay Off) Email Blacklists

In an ideal world the only email marketers that would end up on email blacklists would be spammers; unfortunately, as careful and well-intended as you might be, you can still end up getting blacklisted. According to Return Path, a surprising 20% of businesses in the U.S. have been blacklisted. These are “white hat” email marketers who are […]

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10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

 10 Tips for Email Marketing Success There is much more to email marketing than sending a mass promotion to everyone on your list. By taking the time to get to know your target audience, you will be able to ensure that your campaigns are personalized, relevant, and timely. Here are 10 tips for email marketing […]

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Email will not stay the same, anymore

As 2013 fades away, 2014 may be the year where email emerges to be revolutionized. After all the cool technology that has popped up in recent years (i.e. wearable tech, social media, etc), email is an omnipresent technology that hasn’t changed since the days of Hotmail. This makes email ripe for change. Recall, if you […]

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Value proposition for Dropmyemail to Businesses

Dropmyemail is undoubtedly the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud. Besides winning awards for its elegance in keeping emails safe and being featured on various mainstream media, its popularity with 700k users (and growing)  is simply down to solving the problems for every mailbox. On top of individual users, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) large MNCs are […]

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Visual production house dedicated to promoting startups

Startups often shy away from making professional promotional videos due to the high cost, slow delivery and poor quality; PLUCK Studio is launched to address this need. First impressions matter and the best way to do so in the shortest amount of time is through a short and engaging video. For a typical 30-second video, […]

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Digital Monetization Masters 2 – 4th July ’13, JKT

You can successfully apply monetizing strategies to always be one step ahead of competitors. Learn from the creative examples directly from proven Masters of Digital Monetizing: • Ferry Tenka, Founder & CEO / / (Indonesia) • Mike Tran, Founder & CEO / (Vietnam) • Ralph Wunsch, Founder & CEO […]

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Business Intelligence tool to show backing up the Internet is a billion dollar business

For immediate release, Singapore, June 4th 2013 – Besides just backing up a quarter billion emails daily, Dropmysite is now able to interpret them with “Email Insights”. Users and corporations can now make sense of their big data to improve decision making. Exclusively for Dropmyemail Business, this tool will allow for administrators to anaylze all […]

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Email messages are still valuable to organisations – if managed right

The value of email is accepted but then generally ignored. Email systems are one of the core business systems in use across the business world. Significant evidence of corporate decision making is likely to be captured in email messages, and messages are therefore likely to have ongoing value to organisations (both to support current business […]

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