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Ridley with Congressional representative John James Conyers, Jr.

Our COO Ridley Ruth lobbying on the USA Capitol Hill with Congressional representative John James Conyers, Jr. A sponsor of the Freedom Act which repealed many of the Patriot Act provisions in order bring our laws back closer to what the founding fathers and James Madison intended in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. […]

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Which type of ‘rude’ email writer are you?

According to +Forbes contributor Travis Bradberry, since emails are easy to misinterpret, there are five rude emails you probably send everyday – so we wondered – which type do you tend to send? Take our quick poll to let us know! Here are the options: 1) The Compulsive CC’er and Reply All – especially if you […]

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Tips To Keep Off (and Stay Off) Email Blacklists

In an ideal world the only email marketers that would end up on email blacklists would be spammers; unfortunately, as careful and well-intended as you might be, you can still end up getting blacklisted. According to Return Path, a surprising 20% of businesses in the U.S. have been blacklisted. These are “white hat” email marketers who are […]

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5 Ways Business Continuity Adds Value to Strategic Planning

As you plan the path forward for your organization, business continuity should be considered throughout the process so that there is less chance of unexpected events sabotaging your gameplan and leaving you sidelined. 85% of business continuity programs changing The relationship between business continuity & strategic planning Mission statement & goal development Environmental assessment Strategy […]

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Tech tip: 6 easy steps to undo a sent email in Gmail

Here’s a handy little tip that you hope you never need! How to undo a sent email in Gmail – but you only have a 10-second window so you will need to file this away to memory as you won’t have time to look it up! #email #emailtips #gmail Tech tip: Undo a sent email […]

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Forget Clinton: State Department Hack is Unprecedented (Now About Clinton…)

The focus on Hillary Clinton’s private server loses sight of a bigger problem: Russian cybercriminals have their fingers in the American pie. The scandal over Hillary Clinton’s emails should bother Americans for more reasons than one. Sure, it’s weird that Clinton was keeping her emails on her own designated website, aptly named (and not […]

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Why Clintons Private Email Server Was Such a Security Fail

Record-keeping vs. security Who was snooping on Hillary? Why Was it encrypted? Back it up. Record-keeping vs. security If you hold a high position in government, keeping your own server would be tempting. It could be an effective way to keep your data out of the hands of reporters while maintaining compliance with the […]

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10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

 10 Tips for Email Marketing Success There is much more to email marketing than sending a mass promotion to everyone on your list. By taking the time to get to know your target audience, you will be able to ensure that your campaigns are personalized, relevant, and timely. Here are 10 tips for email marketing […]

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