Which type of ‘rude’ email writer are you?

According to +Forbes contributor Travis Bradberry, since emails are easy to misinterpret, there are five rude emails you probably send everyday Рso we wondered Рwhich type do you tend to send? Take our quick poll to let us know! Here are the options:

1) The Compulsive CC’er and Reply All – especially if you are replying all to just say “thanks”!

2) The Way-Too-Brief Emailer – Do you tend to reply “got it” or “noted”? If so, you might be sending a negative message to the receiver that you really don’t care.

3) The URGENT and ASAP Subject Liners – if your email is that urgent, pick up the phone!

4) The Debbie Downer – if you find that you are always criticizing or telling people what they are doing wrong, perhaps you should do it in person rather than through email.

5) The Robot – take the time to say hi rather than just jumping straight into business.

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So… which type do you send the most often? Vote now here

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