What can you do during yet another G-outage?


Google apps failure resulting in Gmail failing yet again and was unavailable to “some” users. Frankly, as the biggest online email client in the world, any glitch will affect millions. Yet after multiple failures and outages, Gmail is not any closer to keeping incident-free. So what can you do when Gmail Gfails aGain?

Gfail makes you crazy

1. Go crazy

When your email server fails, you realize how much Google dominates your online ecosystem. Most people and business shudder at the thought that all their data, which is dependent on Google being online 24/7, can be offline for no reason at any time. It is in fact a ticking time bomb that will blow up in many people’s faces and each agonizing second of outage is tearing at the threads of their sanity.

Alternatives to Gmail

2. Use another email service to keep things running

Gmail ain’t the only kid on the block offering free email and apps. There are plenty of email management sites like Yahoo Mail, Hotmail (Outlook), AOL and many more eager to pick up the slack. Hopefully, you have a database of your key contacts that is no on Gmail so you can use these other email addresses and try to keep in touch. Though, they are vulnerable as well – Yahoo is particularly culprit in major-scale outages and losing data. So this is a temporary solution that is on a knife’s edge as well.

Try to get some service

3. Scream and shout

Let it all out at someone who deserves it.Contact Gmail helpdesk – just not through Gmail of course. Is there a support phone number (yikes!) to call at Google? Though most users are not paying, so how much passion will they show to get you back in business?

The aftermath

4. Assess the damage done

Quantifiable damages like sales lost, orders cancelled and missed opportunities will come about especially when your SME business email runs on Gmail or rely on Google Apps. Loyal customers and users will give you a second chance.

Though unquantifiable damages like reputation loss, viral word-of-mouth hate and negative publicity. These will take much longer to close out. The long tail of the Internet will keep the bad way longer than the good – these undesirable hits will stay around for a while.

Keep calm and carry on

5. Be zen. Back away from your desk and go outside

Accept your fate that there is just no cure for this recurring malaise. Credit to Gmail for staying free and open to the world so they will eventually fix this problem. If you are in no rush to send silly cat pictures or make rent money, go offline for a while. Perhaps when you come back from the real world, the problem will be gone.

While we criticize this Gmail outage, we still believe in their services and in fact they are still more reliable than others. As every site will face downtime, the only true way to safeguard this situation is for crisis planning. Conventional wisdom is to do email backup, Google apps backup, replicate your files. Or duplicate your Gmail account in another email provide with email migration

So when the inevitable day of outages come (winter is coming), you are safeguarded against it.

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