New product launch: Dropmyemail Business – for SMEs to comprehensively manage corporate emails

For immediate release, Singapore, November 21st 2012 – Dropmyemail’s latest release, Dropmyemail Business, will target SMEs to allow full control and backup of its corporate email accounts.

Launch Announcement by CEO and Founder, John Fearon:



Dropmyemail Business will be for companies with the need for solutions for commonplace email security worries. Disgruntled employees deleting vital documents, accidental email deletions, server crashes and more are not just scenarios of lost data, they’re lost business opportunities.

According to the Radicati Group*, it is expected that there will be 1 billion work email accounts by 2015 and will grow faster than that of personal email. As the prominent player in the email backup industry, Dropmyemail identifed that this need is not yet met. Hence, Dropmyemail Business was created to improve cloud data security and convenience.

“There is immense potential in the business of backing up emails. There is an even bigger opportunity in managing these cloud-based emails effectively, ” says John Fearon, CEO and Founder of Dropmyemail.

“We are building on our existing core product by adding functionalities for business administrators to backup and manage their staff’s emails,” says Ron Hart, CTO of Dropmyemail.

Just like its earlier sister products, this new service will backup emails to ensure all emails are kept safe regardless of server failures, hacking, user errors or other threats. All Dropmyemail products allow one-click email migration or restoration and the File Manager to manage email attachments and uploads.

On top of the standard features, there will be several key differentiating improvements in Dropmyemail Business.

1. Better email management

Manage all email accounts under the domain with multiple user support with different roles such as admin, user and etc.


2. Reporting and auditing feature.

Advanced reporting and audits functions will allow close monitoring of the company’s communications like the day-to-day email usage.


3. Enterprise level hardware and security levels

When backing up corporate emails, state of the art enterprise level Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) will be used. The mails are then encrypted using military-grade block ciphers available – 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

4. Unlimited storage

With unlimited storage limit, users do not have to worry about deleting emails to reduce storage costs. The new pricing scheme for Dropmyemail Business will be charged on a per year per mailbox basis – do see the pricing breakdown below.

Not resting on any laurels, Dropmyemail is plowing ahead to backup more than just emails.

“With corporate email volumes to rise 20% over the next few years, backing them up will be a big portion of what we do. At the same time, we will be working with various partners on backing up more communication sources besides email in the future” says Fearon.

With Dropmyemail Business, Dropmyemail has identified a real problem and created a simple solution. By doing so, Dropmyemail continues to be the frontrunner in the field of email backups and looks to be on track to backup the Internet.

About Dropmyemail

Dropmyemail is a backup solution in the cloud that let you backup your emails automatically. It is a simple and secure process that works with almost all platforms, including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange, Enterprise and more.

Dropmyemail Business pricing will be as follows:

Dropmyemail Enterprise Pricing. Email Backup Solution.

For more information on the features of Dropmyemail Business, please visit the link:

*Radicati Group Email Statistic Report 2011-2015

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