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    Dropmyemail Archive APS Package approved and published on APS Standard 

    Your favorite email archiving solution is now available for all Parallel Automation users on APS Standard Catalogue.  This release allows service providers and hosters the opportunity to easily sell and customers to seamlessly buy and use the service.

    Dropmyemail is an award winning email backup solution. It launched its email archiving solution in mid 2014. The service has already been adopted by a popular service provider in Australia. With features such as advanced search, unlimited storage, admin panel, alert configuration, download and restore, DME Archiver has successfully captured all requirements of a fully compliant email archiving service which includes legal discovery and investigations, regulatory and compliance and business continuity. Advance features such as insights (resorting and AI), email migrations, user access level management, infinite storage and attachment managers give its users something extra for their money.

    Resellers and partners are the core of the dropmyemail business. With that philosophy in mind, the new APS package equips its high end partners with this powerful email archiving solution while reducing the product integration time.

    The APS solution has been specifically design for simplicity. Once integrated the partners can activate their users with just a click of a button and also ensure correct billing, order provisioning and automatic fulfillment with much ease and elegance. Features such as  Single-Sign-On (SSO) makes the entire setup process invisible to end customers as they are now able to use the archiver service from day one.

    Tens of thousands of users have already signed up to the Dropmyemail Archiver solution. Soon other products such as dropmyemail email backup, dropmysite website and database backup will also be available on APS Standard as Dropmysite Pte Ltd continues to reach newer heights every month.

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    Dropmyemail Launches new portal for resellers 

    Your favorite email backup / archiving solution provider Dropmyemail recently launched its new reseller portal. Through this reseller portal, partners of dropmyemail will now be able to perform user / account management, plan management, pricing, order provisioning, order fulfillment and many more.

    New reseller portal

    Within the 1st month of its launching, this new reseller portal has seen new partners and launches from India, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand and The United States. This portal will now be used to communicate between dropmyemail and all its partners and soon many new features will be added to it. This reseller portal forms an integral part of the company’s Automated Reseller Provisioning Platform (ARPP). By using ARPP, smaller resellers can integrate with dropmysite and dropmyemail without any plugin / API installation.

    As part of this platform partners / resellers are able to:

    1. Access to Dropmyemail reseller portal
    2. A co-branded / white labeled domain though which the partner’s end users can login and access their backup dashboards.


    About DropMySite and DropMyEmail

    Dropmysite is an industry leader in cloud backup technologies offering secure and easy to-use services to SMBs around the globe.  Dropmysite was launched on in 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award.  Its two primary products are:

    1. Email backup service is specifically designed for personal and small businesses users and they use POP3 / IMAP Protocols to backup emails once a day. The solution works with any mailbox server. Simplicity is achieved using a 2 step sign-up process, which does not require any technical expertise. Advanced features such as attachment managers, download, restore and migration are offered to all end users.
    2. Email Archiver is specifically designed to cater to archiving needs of small and medium businesses with advanced business and compliance requirements. Using this service, SMBs can not only archive all their company emails but also manage access controls to archived emails across departments. With rich features such as advanced search, unlimited storage, admin panel, attachment manager, alert configuration, download, migration and restore, DME Archiver has successfully captured all requirements of a fully compliant email archiving service which includes legal discovery and investigations, regulatory and compliance and business continuity.

    For more information, visit:

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    SaaS email archiving helps you meet compliance challenges 

    There are numerous industries with regulatory compliance requirements for data. But one industry that stands above the rest in sheer numbers is health care. In the US, health care now costs $8,233 per year per person, a whopping 17.7 percent of our GDP. The Wall Street Journal shows Health Care as the industry that dominates all others in the US, having had a consistent increase since the 90’s.

    This industry processes massive quantities of data per year in support of patient health and billing. It’s recommended that doctors draw upon this information to notify their patients via emails of appointments, test results and to provide them with treatment advice. This has been proven effective in improving patient health, but it’s also highly regulated. As you’ll see, archiving health related email, especially with SaaS, may be vital to protecting both patients and providers.

    SaaS archiving provides essential data security

    When your Email contains data that requires regulatory compliance, an effective and automatic SaaS archiving solution can provide you with the data security your customers seek. Secure storage and instant updates with zero downtime can protect companies and organizations from the burdens of difficult to find data as well as from legal liability.

    Many industries require that records be kept for a specific amount of time. These include medical records, which must be retained for 6 years, and credit card records as specified by PCI-DSS, which must be retained for 1 year. In addition the first 3 months of data easily accessible. IRS recommends that employers keep all records of employment for employees and contractors for 4 years.

    HIPAA Email Compliance

    Patient health information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability Act (HHS) of 1996. The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for the development of health regulations protecting health information privacy. This information is handled and updated by many health related organizations, including hospitals, laboratories, private health practices and third party billing agencies.

    The HIPAA Privacy Rule specifies national standards for health information privacy. It provides federal protections for health information records held by organizations covered by this rule, while extending patient privacy rights.

    There are no specific HIPAA standards for email archiving, but archiving emails containing PHI data makes ePHI more secure. The best methodology begins with risk analysis according to the Security Rule, and should be the first step in compliance. This is an ongoing process that informs an organization of risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of ePHI data.

    The Security Rule permits sending ePHI, such as email. It also establishes standards for access control, integrity, and transmission security that guard against unauthorized access to electronic PHI sent by email. The Rule’s transmission security requirements mandate the use of encryption, with allowance for electronic PHI to be sent over an open, secure network.

    The HITECH Act of 2010 amended previous HIPAA requirements, adding penalties for violation of a patient’s HIPAA rights. According to the American Medical Association, the current fine for HIPAA violation is $1.5 million.

    How does archiving protect companies with regulatory mandates?

    When regulated information such as email with HIPAA data in it is lost, so is notification proof and other record communication. The organization that has no archive has no control over future related proceedings. Archived email might be the proof needed in future litigation. Since HIPAA regulations are becoming stricter as time progresses, archiving email may be prudent.

    Litigation is a common occurrence in the healthcare industry. Organizations protected by e-PHI data that has been archived and is easy to access have an excellent defense that can help them avoid devastating penalties.

    Securing and retaining email in a way that’s easily retrievable allows organizations to find data quickly and protects them from serious data loss.

    One of HIPAA’s mandates is the Six-Year Retention Rule. All PHI records must be securely stored for 6 years. ePHI emails can be securely archived using the latest SaaS based internet backup technologies for emails, databases and websites. Dropmysite, a technology leader in SaaS-based internet backup, offers resellers the resources to ensure their clients’ data is archived in full compliance with regulatory specs such as HIPAA.

    Security and retention concerns apply to EU and UK data management as well. A sample of EU and UK laws that protect email security are:

    UK Data Protection Act  – It states that individuals have the right to receive a copy of their personal data that is held by others. Organizations must ensure that there is adequate security to protect personal data. Unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data must be protected from accidental loss. Legislated document retention periods across Europe vary by country.

    EU Directive 95/46/EC is known as the Data Protection Directive.  It specifies that data not be retained for longer than necessary for purposes indicated and must be stored safely.

    Our cloud platform helps businesses and resellers securely backup, recover and protect email data. Employing the latest cloud delivery model lessens management complexity, eliminates high capital expenditure and reduces on-going costs. Resellers are our core business and we support them with a multi-tiered reseller program that provides technical support, sales and marketing support, dashboards, tools and more. Our comprehensive understanding of evolving technological trends and the customer needs makes Dropmysite the best backup solution suite for mobile, websites and emails.

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    Dropmymobile the most secured mobile cloud solution 

    It wasn’t long ago that “the cloud” was looked at as a somewhat mysterious new technology that aimed to change the way we use devices of all types. At its core, cloud-based technology allows users to have access to all of their information from any device on Earth with an Internet connection. Do you need to take a document with you home from work to finish editing it? Put those CDs or flash drives away and just upload it to the cloud. Are you collaborating with classmates on a particular project and want to be able to easily track changes and make sure that everyone has access to the latest information? The cloud can do all of that and more.

    Instead of storing files locally on the user’s hard drive, cloud-based technology stores these devices on a series of servers that are always connected to the Internet. Not only is this a great way to expedite file sharing and free up space on local hard disk drives, but it’s also a great way to make sure that all of your information is safe and secure. In the event that your hard drive crashes, for example, you don’t have to worry about it having taken weeks or even years of precious documents along with it. They’re all safe and secure in the cloud where they belong.

    Many cloud technology providers even offer military grade encryption features that are designed to prevent anything from happening to important and personal information. Apple was one of the biggest companies to take a bold step in the direction of a cloud-based world, having integrated a service called iCloud into all mobile devices running iOS 7. When paired with a Mac OS X device running the latest version of that operating system, the benefits were clear. Any time you added a new piece of information to the “Contacts” application on your MacBook, for example, you didn’t have to then switch over to your iPhone and make the same adjustment. So long as you were syncing everything with your iCloud account, all information is always in all places at the same time.

    The same held true for pictures. You didn’t have to worry about syncing your iPhone with iTunes to back up all of those great personal pictures that you’ve taken with your device over the years. Simply log into iCloud on both your iPhone and your computer and the pictures are in both places automatically. iCloud truly appeared to be a safe, secure way to make sure that you always have access to your important information wherever you go.

    That is, until recent events have thrust the iCloud service and Apple in general into the news for all of the wrong reasons. With a Smartphone as popular as the iPhone, it is not unreasonable to believe that a huge number of different types of people all use the device on a daily basis – from regular Joes to celebrities and everyone in between.

    In early September of 2014, it was revealed that a lengthy hack had been taking place of Apple’s iCloud servers for quite some time. The nude and risqué photographs of dozens of celebrities, including actresses like Jennifer Lawrence of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “The Hunger Games,” were leaked onto the Internet through a website called 4chan. These pictures weren’t stolen along with the celebrities’ cell phones. The celebrities didn’t give someone unauthorized access to their hard disk drives and ended up paying dearly for it. The hack was the result of lax security protocols in the iCloud service that people had previously put so much of their trust in.

    The hack itself proved to be quite intricate in nature. For starters, there was no one “mystery hacker” that was distributing all of the pictures onto the Internet. Though not all information is available, it seemed to be the results of dozens of people all working in tandem over a period of several months or even years. These individuals would gain access to iCloud accounts through “brute force” methods – in general, they simply guessed the passwords that celebrities used to protect their accounts using challenge questions and publicly available information on the Internet.

    If your challenge question is “What was the name of your favorite pet?” and you’re just a regular person, you probably don’t have too much to worry about. When you’re a celebrity, the chances are high that you’ve been asked and have answered that question many times in interviews over the years.

    The leak itself has still not officially stopped. There is currently a third wave of pictures that are hitting the Internet and the pace shows no signs of slowing down. There is no telling exactly how many pictures were stolen and the total number of people they were stolen from until the proverbial dust truly settles.

    The recent iCloud hack is just one example of why services like Dropmymobile are so important. Dropmymobile is the exact type of service that is designed for people who have ever worried about losing their phone, keeping track of multiple devices or even falling prey to prying eyes. is a product that allows you to back up all data of Android devices to a secured server not only so that you have quick and immediate access to it in the future, but so that you don’t have to worry about the types of security breaches that iCloud celebrities fell prey to. Information is stored with military grade encryption to ease concerns.


    Dropmymobile even has a “Paranoid Mode” which gives the user a secret key to access all of their important information that is known only to them. The key is not saved anywhere except in the user’s head, making it impossible for a hacker to find out about it.

    Dropmymobile currently has a special promotion that allows users to get 10 gigabytes of cloud-based data for free for ten full months using code DMM1010. This is in addition to the five gigabytes of space that new users already get when downloading the product in the first place.

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    Dropmyemail is now OX ready 

    Dropmyemail were the proud gold sponsors of the Open-Xchange summit 2014 that was help in Munich this year. At this event, CEO Charif Elansari and COO Ridley Ruth launched the new OX DME plugin developed by the dropmyemail team.

    OX summit

    “We are very excited about the release of our new Open Exchange plugin which allows a seamless integration of our email back up and email archiving products into the Open Exchange email platform”, says Ridley Ruth, the new COO of Dropmysite, “The plugin makes our products easy for small and medium sized businesses to add users by automatically retrieving all of the email credentials while at the same time reducing the support cost and burden for our partners.”

    Dropmysite is the industry leader in cloud backup and archiving. Their cloud platform helps SMB’s and prosumers securely backup, recover and protect all their website, email and mobile data.

    OX Plugin Snapshot

    OX Plugin Snapshot

    Their product “Dropmyemail” (DME) is one of the best cloud based email backup and archive solution available today specially designed for SMBs and they can archive and backup any email from any mail server. Features such as multiple user access levels, attachment manager, advanced search and eDiscovery, alert management and email migration enhance the user experience and empowers the user not only to safeguard but also to effectively manage their emails. The product has already some great success in APAC.

    The company Open-Xchange, started with development of a Linux-based email solution now develops, markets and sells web-based communication, collaboration and office productivity software. More than 80 m users use these OX services through a network of over 80 cloud and hosting providers, telcos and local internet services.

    Through its OX plugin, dropmyemail aims to provide their highly reliable email backup and archiving solution to all users of OX Suite via partners all over the globe. “Partners are the core of our business”, says Udit Berlia, Business Development manager for Dropmysite “and with the new OX plugin we will be able to offer our service to a much wider audience globally. We already have cPanel, WHMCS, Plesk, APS 2.0 and APIs for our services. OX Plugin will complete our integration offerings to our partners.”

    The plugin is design to be simple and intuitive. Features such as single sign-on will provide the seamless access of the DME application from the OX control panels. This will eliminate the need to configure email settings for users as they will be able to use DME immediately after they sign up for the service. This plugin will be available in both braded and white labeled formats to all the partners.

    Dropmysite was launched on 1 March 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award. Since then, Dropmysite has been featured on Angels’ Gate, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Business Times and CNBC. The company was selected amongst the Top 20 startups by Singapore Business Review. Dropmysite has offices in 4 countries (US, India, Japan, Singapore).

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    Industry backup leader, Dropmysite, hires Ex-GM of CloudFlare as COO 

    Singapore, Aug 26th 2014 – Ex-General Manager of StopTheHacker at CloudFlare, Inc., Ridley Ruth, has joined Dropmysite, as their new Chief Operating Officer. This addition sees Dropmysite strengthening their position as the leader in cloud backup and archiving.


    Ridley brings more than 15 years of industry knowledge to the Dropmysite Team.  His previous experience is in the areas of sales, marketing, business development and operations where he specialized in search engine optimization, website marketing, security as well as hard drive and software computer forensic duplication.  His last role was with CloudFlare running StopTheHacker as General Manager.

    As Dropmysite continues to build quality products and sign up partnership deals around the world, it attracts more seasoned industry veterans to join. Ruth, will bring more than 15 years of experience in strategic partnerships and product management to the business.

    “The importance of backing up your company’s website data has never been more important with 30,000 websites being hacked daily,” says Ruth. “Many customers cannot afford expensive security software to protect their website however for a few dollars a month Dropmysite makes it as easy as one click for customers to restore to a backup copy of their website or database when hacked.”

    Ruth is among other experienced personnel on board like CEO, Charif El Ansari (ex-Google). Ruth’s move will bring even more credibility to the company that aims to backup the Internet.

     “Ridley was a natural choice as COO with his stellar track record and deep relevant experience. We are thrilled to having Ridley on board as Dropmysite rapidly expands its global footprint,” says Charif El Ansari, CEO of Dropmysite.

    In 2012, Ruth was the VP of Sales at StopTheHacker, a SaaS based website security company. The firm built an artificial intelligence engine for detecting unknown malware on websites that can automatically remove malicious code as well as scan a companies’ Facebook wall.

    With Ruth’s help, the company’s prominence caught the attention of CloudFlare, who acquired it 10 months ago. CloudFlare operates a highly-available global network that has security measures built into every layer and regularly clocks in lightning-fast speeds. In the acquisition, Ruth was appointed General Manager at StopTheHacker.

    Along with his impressive resume, huge array of applicable skill sets and wide network of contacts, Ruth will build upon the great work already done on email, website and database cloud backups.

    “I look forward to working with the leadership team to position Dropmysite for growth and enhance the way we serve our customers and present our company to the marketplace,” said Ruth. “I believe that Dropmysite can become the world leader in website, email and mobile backup technologies,”




    Additional information:

    Dropmysite / Dropmyemail:

    Dropmyemail was launched on 1 March 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award.

    Today, this startup has been featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch and more. The company was selected amongst the hottest 20 startups by Singapore Business Review in 2013. The combined websites of Dropmysite / Dropmyemail has almost 1 million signups, offices in 4 countries (San Jose, USA / Mumbai, India / Tokyo, Japan / Singapore) and the website is translated into 10 languages (English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Hindi / Spanish / Korean / Japanese / Bahasa Indonesia / Thai / Portuguese).

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    DME takes a new look with a new email archive product 

    Your favorite email backup / archiving solution Dropmyemail has completely revamped their website in order to consolidate personal and business solutions and include partnership plans.

    Dropmyemail has recently introduced a new archiving product DME Archiver especially designed for small and medium business. The website also highlights the partnership programs through which hosting companies and service providers can easily connect with the dropmyemail team and resell these services packaged in a branded or white labeled solution. This conforms to the company’s plans to have resellers and partners in every country across the globe.

    “With the new Dropmyemail website, we sought to bring all of our award-winning services under one roof, making it easier for users to select the service that fits their needs,” says Charif ElAnsari, CEO of Dropmysite, the company that developed the dropmyemail product. “With the launch of Dropmyemail Archiver, we now have the full range of email backup solutions for our users’ peace of mind and compliance.”

    Email backup service is specifically designed for personal and small business users and they use POP3 / IMAP Protocols to backup emails once a day. The solution works with any mailbox server. Simplicity is achieved using a 2 step sign-up process, which does not require any technical expertise. Advanced features such as attachment managers, download, restore and migrate functions are also available.

    Dropmyemail has also introduced its email archiving service DME Archiver to cater to small and medium businesses with advanced business and compliance requirements. Using this service, SMBs can archive all their company emails and also manage access controls to archived emails across departments.

    With rich features such as advanced search, unlimited storage, admin panel, attachment manager, alert configuration, download, migrate and restore, DME Archiver has successfully captured all requirements of a fully compliant email archiving service which includes legal discovery and investigations, regulatory and compliance and business continuity.

    Resellers and partners are the core of dropmyemail business and with this philosophy in mind, Dropmyemail has launched 3 partnership plans on their reseller’s page on the new website. Using this new page, partners can now easily connect with the dropmyemail team and upsell these services using a branded or a white labeled solution in a revenue share model. 

    Launched in early July 2014, the new website has already received tens of thousands of pageviews with visitors from 118 countries across the globe.

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    Dropmypants – the latest wearable technology for stretchy pants 

    Don’t you just hate it when your pants become too tight after eating a giant meal?



    Or when you lose a ton of weight and none of your trousers seem to fit?



    Worry no more, we are about to blow your mind. Introducing the patented and double trademarked, Dropmypants.


    Using Wifi, Blu-Tooth, Infrared and voice controls – you can now tighten or loosen your pants on demand.

    Gone will be the days of you fumbling with your belt after attacking the all-you-can-eat buffet. Or having to buy belts altogether. This unique experience can be yours for just 3 easy payments of $19.99USD. Fits all sizes so no worries about trying it out before making a purchase.

    Now for a special April’s Fools Day offer, we will even throw in a new app, AnkleHang. This new iOS and Android app will allow the DropMyPants to drop straight to your ankles for instant release. We are certain that this will be great fun for all those order right now to


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    Massive Adoption of Cloud Services Is Now (Parallels Summit ’14 New Orleans) 

    Parallels Summit '14 - New Orleans

    It was the first time DropMySite exhibited at the Parallels Summit, which took place in the Crescent City this year.  As the leading enabler of cloud services, you would expect Parallels to be singing the cloud’s praises, but there was something in the air as if the folks at Parallels knew something the rest of us did not.

    Well, that something was when Parallels CMO John Zanni announced that the industry is “at a point in the lifecycle of the cloud where we all know and believe that there is a massive adoption of cloud services.”

    That is certainly music to our ears as a cloud backup company in its third year of operation.

    As usual, keynote speakers at Parallels are comprised of the best minds from the industry.

    This year, Blake Irving, the CEO of Godaddy gave an interesting talk on disruptive technologies and how that has shaped the trends of the past and created a framework for consumers and developers in the coming years. While you can’t replace the atmosphere or the camaraderie of Parallels New Orleans, you can sure get the content of the conference all listed here.


    The three day event hosted over 500 companies from around the world.  During those three days, the Hyatt Regency on Loyola Avenue became a hub for all things hosting and related services, it was a platform for networking, the opportunity to reunite with old friends and a chance to make new ones.

    DMS booth backdrop

    Our key message was to share about the necessity of backing up website, database, email and mobile devices. The benefits of keep cloud data safe is not just for end users but also for corporations. Storing a safe copy of all your data that is readily available on demand saves time, energy, and money.

    Charif El-Ansari, CEO of Dropmysite, sharing the joys of backing up the cloud

    Charif El-Ansari, CEO of Dropmysite, sharing the joys of backing up the cloud

    Our expertise in this field was shared with everyone in earshot and we found many willing to hear more. In the coming weeks, we will share some of our white papers on how the mass adoption of the cloud will necessitate secure and easy backups (Backups as a Value Added Service, Backup as an insurance policy and Email Archiving is a must-have).

    Dropmysite set out to meet potential partners, resellers, hosting companies and anyone who would be keen on backup. There must have been hundreds who came by to hear about the business and products on offer. Besides that, we had other aspects to attract attendees to us: Free Shots

    Forget the mignight oil, here we burn the midnight moonshine


    It was probably our fault that many attendees was smiling widely during even the driest presentations. We apologize for injecting some fun into the proceedings. Here are some of the pictures of the conference Hall Crawl.

    Conference – Mardi Gras style

    The sleepless city was up and ready for this annual conference – it was an interesting sight to see traditional businesses move towards to the digital age.

    Past and Future

    Huck and Jim would have been much easier to find if they had a GPS-enabled smartphone

    The organizers of the Summit always know how to throw a good party and this year was no exception.

    No worries found at the House of Blues

    Ra Ra Riot did not disappoint as they headlined the House of Blues with their funky indie rock sound.  However, perhaps the night belonged to another bar and another band.  Roughly six miles away, a local band played at a dive called the Maple Leaf on Oak Street. While their name was unmemorable, their brand of New Orleans Jazz certainly was. More shots of the epic night here that make us feel like we were back in New Orleans again!

    Partner discounts for Parallels attendees

    Partner discounts for Parallels attendees

    For fellow attendees, we are pleased to offer a 50% discount on our products – just quote the code and be on your way to enjoying the cloud safely for you and your customers.

    Our products on offer to help with the secure mass adoption of the cloud

    Our products on offer to help with the secure mass adoption of the cloud

    All in all, it was a great trip for Dropmysite. Some connections made here will eventually lead to partnerships and deals while other will remain a fond memory to recap on at the next conference. Parallels and New Orleans were great and we cannot wait for 2015 in San Antonio!

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    Email archiving is now compulsory – how are you going to archive? 

    Email is the dominant digital communication method; with over 140 billion emails sent daily. These emails contain vital business data, such as project updates, customer communication, product research and development updates, management directives and much, much more. With the rise of email accounts worldwide, and corporate email accounts growing steadily, capturing and storing that content at the enterprise level is crucial to protect your business.

    Email account growth

    What is Email Archiving and why is it key to your business?

    Archiving is essentially the full history of an email account. It includes all mails sent and received. Archives are often stored on durable, long-lived media optimized for retention, but not necessarily for regular read access or search.

    With the knowledge that email is mission critical, email backup is now a widely accepted business requirement. Email archiving is becoming increasingly recognized as equally important, perhaps even more so.

    Taken on a regular schedule Yes Yes
    Security Yes Yes
    Accessible Yes Yes
    Automatically retain every email and attachment No Yes
    Tamper-proof storage No Yes
    Required in regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, government No Yes
    Valid for electronic discovery No Yes
    Granular legal hold of individual items No Yes
    Rapid, low-cost discovery and retrieval No Yes

    Simply put, backing up is good enough to prevent data loss but archiving does the same and checks legal boxes. In the long-run, archiving will keep your company compliant to government regulations.


    Archiving is good for your business

    Help your company get smarter

    Email Archiving helps to trap organizational memory within the company. It enables the new employee to start skimming the old emails for leads missed out. The employees are better prepared when they meet an existing customer.

    Cost Management

    The total cost of email archiving in the cloud is much cheaper than an on-site solution. And more importantly it enables the company to focus and spend its resources on its core capabilities.

    Business continuity

    Due an increasing volume, there are very frequent server crashes and email server downtimes. With an archiving solution, an organization can continue to access its complete message record even when its mail servers or local data systems become unavailable.

    What you really need from an email archiving system

    As with backup, archiving presents multiple challenges for systems administration, such as:

    •            Managing the growth in their media storage costs

    •            Managing customer support costs in backup and restore customer service requests

    •            Optimizing performance of backup media and operations as data volumes grow

    •            Helping the organization to learn from archived data

    What features of an email archiving system help you achieve these goals?

    1. Flexible cloud storage – with email volumes increasing at unpredictable rates, you need storage that can change in size however you need it to, with no committed volumes, pre-purchasing of physical media or advanced notice.

    2. Software compatibility – many organizations have distributed workforces, using multiple devices and methods to access email. Often, different branches and locations use different email services all together. How can any one solution serve all of those email accounts? The answer lies in the approach to the archive access – server-side versus mailbox-side. A mailbox-based solution that integrates using open Internet standards, such as Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) can read, retrieve and store all messages, even those marked for deletion.

    3. Security – Making sure that any email archive has the appropriate access controls and central administration tools is critical. Also, all data must be encrypted in transit and at rest (stored on media).

    4. Unlimited retention – While this may sound daunting, leading email archive solutions provide for compression to transmit and store archives.

    How Dropmyemail can protect your mission critical data


    Dropmyemail, is a leader in email backup, focused on backing up Internet content, providing email backup and archival services.

    Dropmyemail provides backups differently from traditional models. Dropmyemail provides backups for the Internet age, directly from the data-access side. The goal is to make it easy to backup critical data repositories.

    Dropmyemail – Archival for the Internet age


    Dropmyemail decided to take a modern approach — combining elastic off-site storage, customer self-service and open standards. Providing this service over the Internet, and wrapping it together into a SaaS offering, archiving becomes a revenue (and profit) center for a hosting provider, and a simple-to-use compliance solution for the enterprise.

    In fact, with Dropmyemail’s architecture (insert architecture diagram here), your email is protected from hacking attacks, disgruntled employees, server crashes and accidental deletions. Those are the most common causes for email loss.

    Dropmyemail can be initiated and managed by a single system administrator for any-size organization. Start archiving today.

    Archiving protects you, your business, and your employees by:

    1.            Retaining knowledge within the organization

    2.            Meeting compliance requirements

    3.            Providing off-site storage as a precautionary measure

    How Dropmyemail are different than traditional backups

    Traditional Backups Dropmyemail Backups
    Cloud storage



    No software required



    Scalable object storage



    Constant data encryption



    Backups are a value-added service that customers pay for



    Save on support costs where customers self-serve in restoring backups



    Revenue share for customers backups



    Search across backup data and content



    Pay-per-use of other services i.e. software, media, labor, etc.



    Dropmysemail provides valuable archival compliance in a few easy steps

    The technology behind Dropmyemail

    Dropmyemail use a blend of open-source and proprietary components to take the heavy lifting of running backups away from our hosting partners. Providers specialize in hosting; Dropmyemail specializes in backups. Here are some key technology differentiators:

    •All services have full APIs around them for account setup, provisioning and management

    •Plugins for the leading control panels are available and provide full, turnkey integration and support. Over 90% of the world’s web content can be accessed using cPanel, Plesk and Parallels APS (Application Packaging Standard) plugins.

    •APIs also include the ability to create, access and manage backups

    •Two partnership models are available: 1) a reseller or affiliate model; and 2) a white-label and co-branding integration model using our APIs and control panel plugins

    • Dropmyemail write to object storage, such as Amazon S3 (default option). Any API-compatible object storage that supports read/write/update functionality can be integrated. So if you have your own storage solution, such as DreamObjects, JungleDisk or OpenStack-based Ceph/Gluster object storage, these can be integrated as the backup storage medium.

    Summary: Archiving is not only a good idea; it’s becoming a simple business requirement


    20 years into the Internet age, email is still the communication tool of choice. As email volumes continue to increase, and email becomes a tool of record, capturing the data from email traffic is becoming more and more critical. Preserving this information for search, retrieval and discovery is key in meeting compliance protocols and leveraging data to make your organization smarter.

    The key approach to email archiving is to make the implementation, the storage flexible, while not compromising on security requirements. Dropmyemail, the powerful email backup and archival tool, can help your company meet those needs. Dropmyemail is cloud-based, with elastic storage that can grow to meet any organization’s volume needs. In addition, Dropmyemail uses open Internet standards that can integrate with any email server or solution, providing full encryption during the backup and while stored on disk. 

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